Sunday, 31 January 2010

Surprise holidays are the best

Last week my lovely boyfriend whisked me away on a surprise trip to Oxford, as a late Christmas present. I had no idea about it what so ever, I thought we were heading up to stay with his mum on the Wirral. I didn't even suspect anything when we were driving down country lanes past fields of sheep, instead of speeding along the motorway!

Anyway we were driving through this little village called Stanton St John just outside Oxford, with me saying "wouldn't it be nice to live somewhere like this?" He then pulls into the pub carpark and says "well let's stay here for a few days!" He'd arranged for us to stay in a lovely little cottage just down the road. It was really quirky, had loads of antique ornaments and furniture, plus a jacuzzi and a really good curry house near by! Although the "period" style decoration wasn't all to our taste (especially the very scary giant baby painting in the bedroom), it was so much more fun than staying in a boring hotel! Oxford was also lovely and definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there before.

I managed to take a few photos of the cottage before my camera battery died...

I really liked this piece of furniture in the kitchen, it had loads of little draws each with various useful items in, such as knives and forks, thought it'd be really good for storing sewing stuff in, you could have a draw for buttons and one for fabric etc... Definitely need something like this to help me be more organised!

Here's the Minifelts filling out their postcards that they got on a visit to the fantastic Ashmolean museum. No idea how they managed to gatecrash our holiday, those Minifelts are very sneaky...

 They were especially excited when they heard the cottage was called the Burrows, and was sort of underground, they also approved greatly of the number of rabbit themed ornaments they discovered.


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