Thursday, 25 March 2010

Red Squirrels

I thought I'd share some photos I took on a recent trip to Alverstone Mead nature reserve on the Isle of Wight. As well as it being the perfect place to see lots of birds, it's great for seeing and feeding some very friendly red squirrels. I would definitely recommend paying it a visit if your ever over on the Island.

They're so cute, and certainly aren't afraid of people, they'll come and sit right next to you and even eat out of your hand, especially if you bring them some hazelnuts (which they seem to go crazy for!)

My mum's a big fan of red squirrels so I made her a red squirrel brooch for Mothers day, I'm also working on a whole range of Minifelt brooches at the moment which I'll be posting some photos of soon.


  1. I love squirrels. The brooch is so cute.

  2. What beautiful photos. Lucky you for getting to hand feed them :D

  3. Oh, these photos are fantastic!

    I would love to 'meet' some red squirrels like that... just look at their adorable furry ears!

  4. How cute are they! great pics.