Monday, 5 April 2010

Creature Swap

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all had a great egg day, and got suitably sick on chocolate. I had a fun but quiet day and went out for roast dinner at a little restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. My sister had also come down to visit which was lovely as I haven't seen her in a while.

Anyway I've been meaning to share some photos of the Creature Swap I took part in a while ago on Folksy, organised by Giraffe Craft. My swap partner was Sugar and Rhubarb who creates very cute little Ninja Kitties! Here's what I sent...

Who's in the box? Little Grey is very inquisitive and is checking so see which lucky little Minifelt is off to a new home...


It's a little black kitty to keep Ninja Kitty company!

I turned my back for a minute and some friends had jumped in the box to come along for the journey...

Once I'd convinced them to leave I finally had a chance to package up the box ready to be posted.

I added one of these monkey brooches for the Ninja Kitty maker. Then off it went... Take a look at Sugar and Rhubarbs blog Itty Bitty Ninja Kitty to find out about their adventures and to find out the names they've been given!

and here's what I got in return from Sharne Mainia

It's a cute little frog called Freddy! Thanks so much Sharne he's awesome, I love him!

This was the first swap I'd ever done and I really enjoyed it. In fact I've already signed up for another swap that I saw on the Stuffed Nonsense Blog  and I need to find 6 other crafty folks that'd like to get involved. 

The details are: "it is an international swap, and all you have to do is make one lovely hand made piece (be it a picture, a card, a purse, something beady, something sparkly...anything goes!) In return you get 36 pieces sent to you from all over the world. It works on a sort of chain type system..." Please let me know if you'd like to get involved and help carry on the chain of craftiness, and I'll send you more details! 


  1. I enjoyed your photo-story, thank you : ) Took me back to Jackie reading days - except this was cleaner and more stylish than the magazine stories I remember...

    Your advert swap is rather groovy too. Must try to do this ... sometime this week...

    Cheers, Cat

  2. I was so upset I missed this swap. Even more so now I've seen your photos

  3. Your little broaches are so cute! Swapping sounds like a cool idea!

  4. Hi not sure if you have gotten your six other crafters as yet but I am interested in taking part but have such a lot going on I would like to know more about the details (like deadlines etc) before I commit totally.

    my email can be found via my blog profile.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your Minifelts are just gorgeous... really cute! I love the iPod cases, great idea!

  6. So cute - I love those photos!