Monday, 24 May 2010

Pig on the beach!

Yes that's right there was actually someone taking a pig for a walk on the beach! It was running around with a dog and playing in the sand. I didn't manage to take any good photos as I only spotted it from the bedroom window and it was quite far away, but here is photographic evidence nonetheless...

Anyway from pigs to erm picnics! Despite having lived on the Wirral for a few months now I haven't done that much exploring as the weather hasn't exactly been brilliant... So me and my boyfriend Jo decided to go somewhere new for a picnic.

We walked all the way from Shore Cottage

Up the public footpath from the beach and then along the cliff top path, which opened up into fields and woodland.

Everywhere was absolutely packed full of people playing football and having BBQ's apart from the Lakes. No-one seems to know about the Lakes as they're very secluded, hidden away surrounded by trees. It took us a while to find them, and they were more like big ponds than lakes.

After all that walking we sat down and had our picnic. I love picnics but haven't had one for ages!

We popped into the visitors centre on the way back to pick up a postcard with a picture of Shore Cottage on it (my boyfriends house) and to have an ice cream.
(Strange bird sculpture outside the Visitor Centre)

Anyway that was my weekend, what did you get up to? Did you see any pigs on the beach!


  1. Beautiful photos, sounds like a lovely day. Have never seen a pig on the beach before- im sure there is a crispy bacon joke in there somewhere! That sculpture really is strange looking x

  2. I love that pig! Looks like you had a great weekend.

  3. Lovely story! It's brought back memories of a holiday we had in the Pelopones a few years ago. We hired a tiny boat to explore the coastline and found a secluded beach. Whilst there a Mommy pig and several little piglets trotted out of the woods and played about in the sand and waters edge for a bit. It was so cool! x