Friday, 3 September 2010

Folksy Friday

What with it being back to school time about now, I've decided to do a series of different Folksy Friday's each week featuring a different school subject. This weeks it's History (this used to be one of my favourite subjects at school!). I loved learning about the past, and visiting museums and castles and learning about the different stories behind people and places.

1. Ammonite Necklace - Kettle Of Fish
2. Sailing Ship Cameo Necklace - Miss Cherries Boutique
3. Hieroglyphics Cufflinks - Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes
4. T-Rex Silhouette Ring - Lost At Sea
5. Encyclopedia Pouch - Peppermint Twist
6. Postage Stamp Pendant King George VI - Emma Louise Originals

Whilst on the subject of history, I recently discovered a collection of old WWII Photo's that have been Photoshopped over recent photos of the same place as the originals. You can see more HERE they're really interesting but also quite eerie... 


  1. That Ammonite necklace is my favourite (-:

  2. The stamp pendant is quite striking. What a great collection of items you've picked.

    Love the photo idea too, isn't it fascinating?!


  3. The pendants are amazing!

    Those photos are so cool; what an interesting thing to do with them. Thanks for sharing that find!

  4. Thanks for featuring my postage stamp pendant. Those photos are really interesting as well