Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Web Wednesday

Sorry for the blog silence last week, I didn't manage to do a Web Wednesday or a Folksy Friday, shame on me! I've been really busy working on some custom orders and doing such fun things as job applications and preparing for interviews. Yawn.

Anyway for this week's Web Wednesday I'd like to share this cool website I've just discovered. Uncommon, let's you take an iPhone or iPod case and customise it with your own design, simply by uploading an image from your computer, or you can choose from loads of existing designs in the artwork collection. Here are some of my favourite designs from the collection.

There are some really nice bird designs too:

Go take a look! I'd really like to get one made with a Minifelt design on. I had a play around with some photos to see what it'd look like, I think it'd look really cool with a repeating pattern...

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