Friday, 19 November 2010

Jobs, Flats and Ikea

Wow, it's been a while since I've last blogged as it's been a mad few weeks...

Finally after months of job hunting me and my boyfriend have both got jobs and more excitingly our own place again. Woo Hoo! It's been a long time coming, but it's so nice to have our own space again.

We had a right nightmare finding a flat though... My boyfriend's new job is in Weybridge so we travelled up from the Isle of Wight for the week and stayed in a hotel whilst we were looking at flats. We found a flat quite quickly that we liked and even though it was at the top of our budget we said we'd take it. We put the deposit down, packed all our stuff and then the day before we were due to move in the landlord unexpectedly cancelled on us... We were really stuck as my boyfriend was due to start his job the following week. Anyway long story short, luckily the estate agent found us a new flat that had just come on the market that we could move into that weekend. It has a pretty uncoordinated colour scheme (yellow, dark blue and toothpaste green walls), a bit of a damp problem and a noisy neighbour, but after a few trips to Ikea (three trips in two days!) to buy furniture it now feels very homely.

I've also just started a new job working for a small fashion company. The main part of my job involves taking product photos and listing them on their website, which is great as I'm learning lots of stuff that I can use for Minifelts too, so hopefully I can get my product photos looking even better!

Anyway as a result Minifelts has been a bit neglected of late as we've only just got internet set up in the flat, and I haven't quite managed to get into a routine with the day job and Minifelts yet, as I'm just too tired when I get home from work to start making things! But that's all going to change this weekend, I've got loads of new ideas to work on and some more Christmas iPod / Phone covers to list. So expect more Minifelts news to follow shortly!

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