Saturday, 26 February 2011


After hearing lots of great things about the healthy eating service Graze I decided to give it a go.
Each Wednesday I receive a Graze box through the post. The idea behind Graze is that instead of snacking on things like biscuits and cakes you snack on the healthier alternatives provided in the box. 

I gave it a try as the first one was free and the second one was half price, but I've actually really enjoyed receiving the box each week, and the element of surprise not knowing what foods are inside, so I think I'm going to keep getting it even though at full price it's a bit of a luxury!

You can decide which day (or days) you want to receive it and it's really cleverly packaged in a small cardboard box that fits perfectly through the letterbox.When you sign up you get the chance to rate all the foods that are on offer, such as fruit, nuts, olives, flapjacks, and crackers. You can choose to have certain snacks sent to you regularly, just to try or never at all.

Here's what I received in my box this week:
Delicious apple and cinnamon flapjacks, pistachio nuts (my favourite), olives and a jaffa cake mix (hazelnuts, orange raisins and chocolate buttons). Yum.

If you'd like to try it for free I have a discount code: V74DVZF which gives you your first box free and your second box half price.


  1. I've just had my first Graze box too and i'm very impressed. Just wondering if once a week is often enough :)

  2. Oops sorry the code I typed in the first time was wrong! I've just edited the post so the code above should now work :)

  3. looks lovely but i could eat that on a weekend !!!!!