Saturday, 14 May 2011


I was clearing out my memory card and came across some photos that I'd taken for a blog post I meant to share a few months back. 

It's from a project me and my boyfriend started last Summer. He decided that he wanted to make his Mum a footstool for her Birthday. So we went on a mission to find some big chunky bits of wood with character to make it out of.

After travelling all over the Isle of Wight we finally came across a wood yard and a very helpful bloke who made sculptures out of tree trunks, who agreed to cut up a huge chunk of tree for us with his chainsaw! So we ended up with two pieces of wood like this:
These were perfect for the sides, we just needed to strip off the bark.
After lots of chiselling and sanding the sides were finally complete. I then made a cushion out of some faux leather and some foam. We used some old scaffolding planks to attach the sides together and to create a recess for the cushion to sit in, and it was complete!
What do you think? It weighed an absolute tonne but looked really good in Jo's Mum's house which is full of similar handmade furniture. It was great to try out a new craft especially as it's totally different to the kind of thing I normally make on a daily basis! What crafts have you always wanted to have a go at?

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