Saturday, 25 June 2011


I just thought I'd share with you some photos of a special project I've been working on recently. I was asked to make some characters from a children's TV show called The Octonauts.

Normally I wouldn't take on a project like this as I enjoy creating my own characters and designs. However, after watching an episode I though they looked like they'd be fun to make, and with no other Octonauts merchandise out there I thought this would give me the freedom to come up with my own designs for them.
It was quite a challenge trying to work out how to translate the characters into felt as they were very detailed and I wanted to include their little hats and collars to make them immediately recognisable. 
Here are the five characters I made: Shellington Sea Otter, Peso Penguin, Dashi Dog, Kwazii Kitten, and Captain Barnacles Bear.

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, as they're quite in keeping with the Minifelts style. It was also fun to take a break and work on something a bit different for a change!

Anyway if you haven't heard of The Octonauts here's an episode for you to check out:


  1. WOWSERS they are fantastic.
    were many hours spent in the octopod making those :o))
    BIG fans in our house,
    Did you know they started as books?

    They are brilliant.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. Thanks, glad you like them :) I spent several days in the Octopod trying to get the designs right and watching lots of episodes on the iPlayer for research purposes!

  3. Hey they look great! Esp Peso Penguin! :)

  4. re you selling them??I would be interested in buying a set if you are able to make another set please contact me if you are willing to make more for me :) my daughter absolutely loves them and i cannot find any type of toys like these. Thank you :0

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  6. Are you selling these? Please email if you are wiling to make a set.

  7. I have just stocked up on turquoise felt, so will be making some more sets! If anyone's interested send me an email to the address above. Thanks

  8. They look fantastic! I just sent an email. :)

  9. I am interested in a set! How can I contact you?

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      You can email me at
      Thanks :)

  10. My kids would die! I am interested if you are willing to sell! How can I email/reach you?

  11. I am interested in buying an octonaut set for my daughter's birthday. Could u email
    Me if ur still making. Thanks Tracy

  12. Sorry for not responding to your messages sooner, I've been away from the blog for a while. You can email me at for more info.

    Thanks for reading and commenting, I'm really glad you like my designs :)

  13. I hate that series, but especially to that disgusting cowardly penguin. I would very much like it to exist to make it suffer worse than death, but unfortunately it is a fictitious character. I HATE that damn nasty penguin. Meomi sucks.