Sunday, 15 January 2012

Goals for 2012

*  Read 12 Books.  I definitely want to do some more reading this year as I never seem to finish a whole book these days, so I’ve set myself the modest task of a book a month. I received a Kindle for Christmas so I’ve got no excuse not to! Let me know if you’ve got any good book suggestions…

*  Go to the cinema more often. I love going to the cinema and I used to go every Sunday but I hardly ever go these days, so that’s going to change this year (providing there's actually some films on worth watching!)

*  Get back in the driver’s seat. I hate driving and I have to admit I have developed a bit of an irrational phobia of it. Since passing my test I’ve only ever driven once on my own and regularly try to avoid it. Of all my goals this is the hardest but I am going to try my best… Eeep.

*  Do more baking and try some new recipes. I love watching cookery programmes and when I was at University I used to bake every weekend, but it’s something I never seem to have time for these days. I also want to try some different evening meals too, as we seem to mainly eat pasta and curry!

*  Try some new crafts. I've been meaning to try needle felting and screen printing for ages I even have a needle felting book and a screen printing kit, this year I'm going to give them both a go and maybe some other crafts too, who know's I might even find my new hobby!

*  Start saving for a house. I really don’t like renting as it’s so expensive and we will never see that money again. I can’t wait till we have a house of our own that we can decorate and furnish how we want.  It’s still a long way off though...

*  Take lots of photos! I really want to get good with my SLR camera which involves lots of practice. The problem is I’m really bad at remembering to take it with me and whenever I see something interesting to photograph I never have it! I also want to brush up on my photography skills as although I’ve got pretty good at product photography (it is my day job after all!) I want to be able to take professional photographs outside of the studio.

Minifelts Goals

*  Organise some press coverage. Top of my list is getting some much needed coverage for Minifelts in a magazine or even on some more blogs. I really don’t have an excuse for not doing this sooner but it’s definitely time I pushed myself to get a press kit together and start contacting people.

*  Keep up to date accounts. I am not a naturally organised person and have worked really hard to be more organised at my day job and now I need to apply that to my own business. I’m going to keep records as I go along rather than struggling to find the right information months later!

*  Write some How To’s.  I really want to challenge myself to design a couple of simple projects that I can share on my blog for other people to make. I’m just not sure what yet…

*  Use social media more often. I love twitter and facebook and spend ages reading other people’s blogs, so I will definitely be keeping Minifelts up to date more often too.

*  Organise some more wholesale orders. This is something I’ve only just got into recently but I want to be able to offer bulk orders of Minifelts at a discounted rate for retailers. Which means organising some regular suppliers rather than just buying materials on ebay!

*  Keep more stock. No matter how many times I try and stock up on designs I always seem to end up making things to order. Now that things have quietened down after Christmas I’m hoping this will give me a chance to build up some stock again.

How about you, what are your goals for this year?

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