Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday adventures

Today we took a trip down the road to Wisley Gardens in Surrey. I've been meaning to visit for a while now, I took my parents there last year, but the queue to get in was so long that we only ended up going to the free garden center bit and then gave up and went to Wisley common instead (where we did get to see a deer in the woods so a good day out none the less!)

This time it was much quieter what with it being a rainy Saturday, and I took loads of photos with my new macro lens (a Christmas present from my boyfriend).

One of my favorite things were the giant cacti, when I do eventually get a garden of my own I am going to fill it with nothing but cacti! 
One of the main reasons for visiting this weekend was that they were hosting a butterfly event.
One butterfly took a particular liking to my boyfriends leg it sat there for ages and wouldn't let go despite him trying to shake it off!
Hope you're having a great weekend :)

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