Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hello from me

This is my first attempt at blogging, I thought I'd give it a go as I really enjoy using Twitter.

I'm Eve and I love all things creative. I'm a 24 year old music graduate, who plays the drums, loves drawing and also makes driftwood furniture. I've only recently started sewing, inspired by all the wonderful handmade things out there on the Internet and sites like etsy and folksy.

I especially like working with fabric and felt, and making/designing simple but cute animals. Once I'd made my first Minifelt I just couldn't stop, and now I've made loads and am coming up with new designs all the time.

Anyway this blog is going to be about my Minifelts, I'm in the process of opening a shop on Folksy and creating my own website

More news and some photos to follow soon...

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