Saturday, 12 December 2009

Hello from the Minifelts

The minifelts are all really excited about having their own blog and are even more excited to announce that the new website is ready! (I have to admit I'm quite excited too...) They'd love it if you could pop over and have a look -

They couldn't wait to have their photographs taken for the shop. So I lined them up on a white sheet, stuck a huge spotlight on them to compensate for it being gloomy winter, and here they are...

The bunnies were a bit nervous at first about the idea of going off to new homes, to be honest most things seem to scare them, but once I'd explained that they would have lots of adventures with their new owners, they hopped about excitedly.

These tigers are brothers and sisters and are very competitive (as siblings ofter are) Every tiger is unique with it's own individual stripes, which is very useful for telling them apart when they get into trouble. They're favourite food for some reason is frosted flakes...

The cats are very quiet and mysterious, they are always competing to sit on the highest perch, and often appear deep in thought. Perhaps they know something we don't...

These birds are terrible show offs, they're rather proud of their feathers. Mind you they are mightily impressive!

Watch out for more Minifelts coming soon, and if you like the look of any of these they are all in need of a loving new home over at:


  1. Hello Eve, I'm reading your blog from Seattle, Washington, US. I love your minifelts. Your blogs is great and I did check out you new web site, Very Nice! Keep up the good work and Good Luck!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Really great to hear you like my Minifelts and the blog, and that Minifelts are being heard of as far away as the US!