Saturday, 15 January 2011


Look what I've just received in the post!
It's my brand new Minicards from Moo! This is my second order from Moo as I was really impressed with the quality of the prints. They cost about £10 for 100 and you can use up to 100 different images!  
I think that packaging is really important especially when selling handmade goods as it can really add to the excitement of unwrapping a parcel, and is a great way of making your products and brand more memorable to your customers. Recently I've been putting some thought into my packaging so that I can try and present my products in the best possible way!

Each parcel will come with a Minicard and now a cool little sticker to brighten up the tissue paper that I wrap my products in. I also decided to order myself a Minicard holder to attach to my keys as I'm always forgetting to carry business cards with me.
I chose 10 different designs for the stickers, although for a book for 90 stickers you can use up to 90 different images.
I love how Moo package their products, the Minicards arrive in a lovely little cardboard case and the stickers in a little book with tear off sheets. 


  1. I love moo cards. I use them as little hang tags. So useful!

  2. They are fab - I use the cards for my cupcake business and I have the stickers too!

  3. i love Moo.
    Your cards look great.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  4. They look great - now off to take a look at Moo :)