Thursday, 6 January 2011

My sewing box

After going home for Christmas my boyfriend returned with some of the things I'd left behind at his house when we moved out. Including my amazing sewing box!

It was made for me by my boyfriend's mum who has always been very encouraging about my new found love of crafts! She was kind enough to let me and Jo stay with her whilst we were job hunting last year, and I came downstairs one morning to discover that she had made me this amazing sewing box to keep all my felt and cottons in. It was such a lovely surprise!

It's made from an old wine crate, with some wheels added to the bottom. The lining is made from some really cool bird fabric and pinned to the top of the box with drawing pins.

Here it is full of all my felt offcuts. It didn't take long to fill it back up again. Every time I cut out a Minifelt I always seem to end up with so many little odd shaped bits of felt leftover that I never know what to do with, so I'm storing them all up in my sewing box and am trying to come up with lots of little projects to use it all up on! 

Where do you store your sewing stuff, do you have a sewing box too? Mine now lives down by the side of the sofa so that I can sew whilst watching telly! 


  1. What a great idea, it has a lovely vintage look! Pen xx

  2. what a brilliant sewing box and such a lovely gift! My sewing stuff is stored in a mix of things, threads in large glass jars, fabrics in a basket.

  3. Lovely box. It's hard to know what to do with all the little offcuts isn't it!

  4. Hi I am you latest follower! I love your sewing box - really lovely!

  5. that is great. So jealous.
    I got a gorgeous sixties inspired fabric sewin box (via John Lewis)for christmaa and use my sons old treasure chest playbox for fabric.