Sunday, 15 July 2012

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my Birthday (can't believe I'm 27 already, I really don't feel it!) We decided to take a visit to Knowsley Safari Park as it's pretty close to us and visiting the zoo will always be one of my favorite things no matter how old I get! We saw lots of cute animals and I took a lot of photos.
 Very playful lion cubs, enjoying the sunshine. 
 I accidentally left my window down and very nearly got pecked by an inquisitive emu! 
 The baboons were one of my highlights, it was pretty funny watching them tear people's cars to pieces (well until they decided to jump on ours!) They tore our screen wash jets off and very nearly snapped our wing mirror off! 

To celebrate I'm offering 15% off this weekend in my shop, just stop by before 12pm tonight and enter BIRTHDAY27 at the checkout. 


  1. Happy belated birthday for yesterday! Looks like you had a brilliant day out.

    Ruby x

  2. Thanks :) I've become a bit obsessed with animal parks this month, we're off to South Lakes Zoo next weekend!