Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sneaky Facebook

Facebook has always been a fantastic means of free advertising for small businesses. My fan page has been a great way to keep people who are interested in Minifelts up to date with news, discount codes and share new products. 

However, those sneaky Facebook people have now introduced a 'pay to promote posts' policy which means that only about 10% of people who like a page will see the posts from that page. 

So for any of the pages you've Liked that you would still like to see updates from you now need to visit the page, click / hover over the Like button or Liked button (if your already a fan) and select 'Show In News Feed'. This means you will then definitely receive updates from that page. 

If you'd still like to keep up to date with Minifelts news or if you'd like to become a new fan, please stop by my page and make sure you select Show In News Feed, that way you won't miss out on anything exciting! 

It's really annoying that they've done this both as a fan page owner (my business is no way at the stage where I can afford to start paying for advertising) and as a user of Facebook as I'm now going to have to go through and do this for all the pages I've liked and would still like to receive updates from... Nice one Facebook. 

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