Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Leisurely Fox

Narrow boat holidays seem to be becoming a bit of a family tradition. My parents hire one at least once a year, I think they'd quite like to live on one permanently one day. They try and explore a different river or canal system each time they go and this year they hired a boat from March (near Peterborough) and we traveled down and met up with them for the second week of the holiday. 

The plan was to pick up the boat and travel down to Bedford, but unfortunately the week before the holiday turned out to be one of rainiest weeks of the year so a lot of the river was flooded. Instead we opted to explore the Fens, travelling through St Ives, Cambridge and Ely. 

Apart from a few rainy days at the start of the week, we were pretty lucky with the weather and even got some sunshine. I spent most of the holiday up the front of the boat photographing the passing wildlife. One of the nice things about travelling so slowly is that you get to see things that you wouldn't normally have noticed.
 Driving into a nearby bush
 The amazing hover bird!
I also spotted this canal boat with a knitting shop on board! You can bring your knitting and stay for lunch or dinner, or hire it for a trip down the river. 
We also came prepared for the rain this year, with plenty of board games and a needle felting kit that I've been meaning to use. We all got quite into it and had a large collection of strange looking animals by the end of the holiday.

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