Friday, 15 June 2012

A bit of restoration work

We've always wanted a Chesterfield sofa as they are sooo comfortable, so we thought we'd treat ourselves to one for our new house. After a quick Ebay search we found several near to us (they even make new ones just down the road). The problem was the three seater ones we wanted were all too big to fit through the front door.

So when we found a little two seater one a thirty minute drive away for only £50 we thought it was worth trying to see if we could squeeze it in some how...

It was really battered (hence the price) and completely covered in cat scratches, so much so that the guy who sold it to us felt sorry for us and knocked the price down! But I was pretty sure that we could restore it (or at least make it look a bit nicer...)

I bought a Leather Repair Kit to fix the cat scratches and a Leather Colourant Kit to fix the faded cushions and set to work.

Check out the before and after photos!


We started by giving it a good clean, then we removed the finish from the leather, sanded down all the cracks and cat scratches and filled them in, then spray painted the whole thing and finished it off with a layer of satin finish. (We attempted to make a time lapse video of this process but unfortunately the camera stopped taking photos halfway through!) 


Not bad for our first ever attempt at furniture restoration! I think the cushions might need refilling and it could probably do with another coat of gloss finish, but overall I'm pretty impressed and it was a bargain even after buying all the stuff to repair it with!


  1. Wow, you've done a great job with that couch - what a transformation!

    Debbie x

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