Monday, 20 August 2012

Wild boars, wallabies and the Singing Ringing Tree!

We've had a pretty busy summer this year. Living in Rossendale is great as we're really close to lots of big cities Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool so there's always lots to do. Practically every weekend since we moved up here we've been off exploring.  

We thought it was about time that we did something local so when my parents came over for their first visit we took them to see our local landmark the Singing Ringing Tree.

It's right up high in the hills and is made from lots of metal pipes that make a very weird eerie sound when the wind blows through them There's a whole collection of them spread out across the area called the Panopticons (we keep meaning to pay the others a visit too). 
This is pretty much what the whole of Rossendale looks like, lots of lovely countryside mainly full of sheep. 

Our other local trip involved a visit to the Wild Boar Park in Boland. Which rather unsurprisingly had a lot of these fellows in...
There was a lot of animals to hand feed too.
The raccoons were probably my favourite, they looked rather sad though. 
We've been on quite a few animal based adventures recently, including a trip to my new favourite zoo (or rather animal park). More on that in another post...

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