Saturday, 24 August 2013

Getting Organised

Today I thought I'd share with you some photos of my studio before we move house again, as we're moving back to London next month.

I've absolutely loved having a whole room of my own to work in, hopefully our new house will have a spare room I can lay claim to. I've been slowly collecting lots of storage and stationary so that I now have a super organised workspace! Everything has it's own little drawer and I know exactly where to find it (this is so unlike me as I normally live in total chaos...)
Acrylic hello sign from Oh Dier
Lots of lovely coloured ink pads for hand stamping Minifelts packaging.
These tall drawers were perfect for storing washi tape, felt tip pens, my Minifelts sew in labels and ribbon in.
chose lots of clear acrylic trays and boxes from Muji so that I could easily see where everything is. The jewelry tray at the bottom was the perfect size for storing little beads, buttons, keyrings and brooch pins in. The other drawers then hold my cottons, printed envelopes, thank you notes and other packaging supplies.
Whilst I was busy sorting my desk out I thought it was about time I organised my templates too. I used to store them all in one large folder in a big jumbled mess, and it took me ages to find a template when I needed it... So I decided to separate them all out and create a folder for each animal design.

There's lots to do before we move, starting with flat hunting next week so if you know of any nice affordable areas of London a short commute from Greenwich let me know!

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