Friday, 30 August 2013

Sewing Machine Surgery

Unfortunately my sewing machine has been broken for a while now. I accidentally snapped the socket that the foot pedal plugs into off of the machine, which rendered it pretty much useless. It's still under warranty but because I'd bought it from Ebay, the company said I'd have to send it back to them and they'd then send it on to Singer for repairs. Which was frankly way too much hassle! So I found the replacement part online and decided I'd try and replace it myself (well with a lot of help from my very lovely boyfriend).
It was really interesting to see what the insides looked like (and totally made me realise how I know nothing about how most electrical devices actually work!) Getting the plastic casing off was a complete nightmare. After unscrewing everything it just didn't want to come apart, but after a lot of swearing and brute force we finally managed to get it to produce a horrible snapping noise and got one side off.
We then eventually managed to get the replacement part in and wired up properly and put it all back together (with several screws left over, I'm sure they weren't important anyway...)

It's so nice to have a working sewing machine again, now I can finally start work on the card wallets I've been planning on making!

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  1. Goodness that was very brave of you! I have had a replacement foot pedal for one of my machines and havnt even managed to do that yet (needs the plug connection changing) might have to give it a go now as I know it would cost a bomb to take it in to be done!! Well done you.