Thursday, 10 June 2010

Chester Zoo

I have a new favourite animal...

On Tuesday we went to Chester Zoo and saw these seriously cute red pandas. One was curled up asleep at the top of a tree, and one was climbing all over the place!

It was pouring down with rain but we had loads of fun anyway and the rain seemed to keep the crowds away. We even got to see a spectacled bear, which always seem to be hiding every other time I've been to the Zoo.

We also saw the giraffes and penguins being fed
a fluffy monkey
and a flamingo laying an egg
Finally no visit to Chester Zoo is complete without a visit to the bat enclosure and butterfly house. They're the best bits as you get to walk around with bats flying right next to you, and butterfly's landing on your shoulder.


  1. Love the red pandas, so cute and that butterfly picture is amazing!

  2. I love Chester zoo as well. The pandas are very cute. Did you get to see the Jaguars they always hide from me. :-)

  3. I love Chester Zoo. I got lost there on a primary school trip once! I was too facinated with something or other to notice our group was moving on! The bat house is amazing. I went in it for the first time last year when I went home for a few days. I'm a long way away from it now though :o(

  4. aw the butterfly thing is ace!! me and my now ex went on valentines day, i didnt know until we were outside the gate :D:D

  5. I love going to the zoo - Marlow is close to us and my favourite is always the red panda. It's 'real' cuteness. Your pictures are super. x

  6. Great pics - especially the butterfly at the end.
    Well done.