Friday, 4 June 2010

Yarr It Be Folksy Friday

Yes, that's right this weeks Folksy Friday theme is pirates!

Mainly because I've been reading a series of books called The Pirates in An Adventure With... by Gideon Defoe each book involves a different adventure like The Pirates In An Adventure With Whaling and The Pirates In An Adventure With Communists.

They're very very funny books (I think there's four in total), the characters include the pirate captain with his luxuriant beard and love of honey glazed ham, and his motley crew who all have names like the pirate with a scarf, the albino pirate, the pirate with gout, and the pirate from the Bronx. I highly recommend giving them a read! Anyway here are my piratical choices...

1. Ships Crew Russian Dolls - Hole In My Pocket
2. Sailor Stripe Scarf - WildCat Designs
3. Pirate Eyepatch - Lupin Handmade
4. Black Pirate Bunting - Woolly Lakes
5. Map Coasters - Quirky Cards
6. Working Brass Telescope Pendant Necklace - Zara Taylor


  1. great idea for a folksy friday the russian dolls!
    trish x

  2. Love the coasters and how amazing- a WORKING pendant!

  3. Nice collection! I love the scarf & pendant :]

    Tori ♥

  4. Hey, what a cool telescope pendant, I love that!

  5. Lovely picks - especially that stripey scarf. I love your new ipod cosies too xx

  6. Great picks, I really like the map coasters.

  7. Thanks for featuring my pirate bunting. These are all greeat picks but especially like the telescope necklace.

  8. love the nesting pirates :) so cute, great FF xx

  9. Love the eyepatch and the bunting, cool theme :)

    Mel xxx